Monday, September 9, 2019

On the Eve of Your Sixth Birthday

Dear Seraphina,

It is the eve of your sixth birthday. I remember this night clearly.  Strangely, I remember it more than my other births. Perhaps its because you were the last or perhaps it was because I was finally willing to welcome my purpose in life. Advocacy.

You were born into a perfect family, as someone once said "its about time we had something go wrong". No joke. There are people like that in this world. You see however, we are proving to them that you are far from wrong.

Seraphina, you jumped into this world without waiting for doctors, nurses or the end of day. You had us off and running before you even made your appearance. Today, you still keep us on our toes however now, you have increased our endurance, grown our hearts and strengthened our mindset.

You were born with purpose.

We all are, however in six years you have shown our family and many surrounding and supporting us just how important one life can be educating, challenging, growing and of course advocating. You have taught children how to be selfless, how to live with disappointment and how to accept adversity far beyond their young lives. You have nestled your way into the hearts of strangers and found yourself a family of friends who would give all they had for you and love you, unconditionally, as extended family does. Seraphina, you have made this town, one we had never heard of, our home. Calling us to reach out to our community and seek help when we felt too proud to accept. You have changed our lives in ways we never thought possible, never dreamed would happen or never knew that we wanted. We did.

In six years, we have had an upheaval that would break some families. We have dealt with diagnosis, therapies, having to leave schools and churches. We have had to ask others to help and realized that its okay to be sad, angry and feel the feelings that surround our lives. You have opened up a line of communication with people we never knew. You have taught people to be selfless and continue to teach us as I recently learned that I need to seek what YOU want for YOUR life and learn to support each of my own children to be their own best person not the person I wanted them to be.

In six years my love, you have done more than most in a lifetime and yet you still teach. Daily. You give life lessons that remind us to find beauty in the moment, celebrate small success and understand that life isn't fair and that is okay.

God chose me to push you into this world, as he knit you together in my womb but he also chose you to change me and I have no words that I can write, speak or shout that have the ability to tell you how grateful I am to be the one you call Mom.

Seraphina, as we enter into your seventh year, I pray that you are happy. You are healthy and you know that I will be your voice until you can share your own.

You are my purpose, my gift and the reason I advocate for people like you that live with disability and teach in their every action.

Happiest Sixth Birthday,


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