Friday, April 5, 2019

Have You Heard?

One of the things about getting a diagnosis, like autism is so many people want to help. Its a great feeling and so often people say what they think you want to hear. They also try to find whatever they can to help you.

Last night as we struggled with constant screaming and whining. The ABA Session wasn't really pretty and compliance was at an all time low for our new therapist. In fact, last night when the her boss texted me, I was certain she was quitting. Not true. Though burnout for therapists is high, ours is still digging in and digging deep to help us modify behaviors so that learning is possible.

That being said, my son wished we could cure autism. Truth is we can't. In fact, at times I think there isn't anything to be cured. As I tell all children, you are created to be exactly who you were meant to be. That includes all our parts, exterior, interior, emotional and social. Autism is how our daughter was meant to be created. She teaches through her daily interactions, through her behaviors, through her learning style. We can all teach. We can all learn. We can all be kind.

I am grateful for all those willing to support me and those who are willing to give to myself and my children. Wholly. In the time since her diagnosis, I have found so many things people tout as curing or fixing but like I said, for me, its not about fixing. It about helping my child to be the most comfortable she can be in her own skin. Its about learning to accept who she is but never saying "no" to something that may give her comfort or help her find success.

And so, instead of telling you everything that didn't work, everything that went wrong, I will tell you what I am doing now and yes, how its going right. Usually.

Children with autism, they are children first. They have typical illnesses and diseases. So on top of each medical diagnosis she has that accompany her disability, she also has everything else my other children get. Colds. Flus. Stomach Bugs and strep throat. To try to keep her as healthy as possible and her mood as on target, we use the following protocol each day.

With my other kids, its a quick vitamin when I remember but for Seraphina, the daily plan is much more complex.

First, Fiji water. Yes, she has it in her cup at all times. This has helped her with bowel issues. For months I was told to use Miralax. Hating the medicine and what it could do to her in the future so we tried this water. It works. For her.

Second, the Nemechek Protocol. It works for us. Again, it may not work for you but it includes Inulin, Nordic Naturals Omega Fish and California Brand Olive Oil. I mix the oil into her breakfast and the Inulin I mix in the water or give her a gummy.

Third, Claritin. Yup. She's got allergies.

Fourth, Bioray Happy. I have used this twice and its new on board again now but its supposed to help her eliminate toxins.

Fifth, essential oils. I use the doTerra Kids Rollers. I use a number of them on the bottoms of her feet and also along her spine. I also use InTune, which is another doTerra product.

Finally, we have started using CBD oil. It has been helpful and she will ask for all these supplements to "make her better". I think although its a lot it works for her.

I won't say that this will heal our daughter, again, she teaches more as she was created than a child without her diagnosis. I will tell you that you may see a positive change in your child if you choose to find supplements that meet your family's needs. I would recommend speaking with your doctor or nurse practitioner to make sure you are doing what is best for you. This is what currently works for us but it doesn't mean I won't manipulate our family protocol to benefit our child.

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